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Turntable of glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2021-03-19

The intermediate turntable of the glass edging machine includes a platform, a horizontal transmission mechanism and a longitudinal transmission mechanism are set on the platform, and the horizontal transmission mechanism is provided with several transmissions on both ends of the platform. The driving wheel and the driven wheel are driven by a motor. There are several conveyor belts on the driving wheel and the driven wheel. The longitudinal transmission mechanism is a transmission roller arranged between several conveyor belts. The transmission roller is balanced on the conveyor belt. The driving roller is installed on the supporting frame and driven by a motor. A lifting device for lifting the driving roller of the longitudinal transmission mechanism on the surface of the conveyor belt is installed between the supporting frame and the platform. The intermediate turntable of the glass edging machine of the present invention has no clamping The device adopts the lifting rubber roller frequency conversion speed control transmission and the double-segment frequency conversion speed control belt structure, which improves the work efficiency and solves the technical problems of inaccurate glass transmission and glass jam. It is characterized by high efficiency, accuracy, no jamming and low cost. .

The reason why the suction cup of the glass edging machine is unstable?

The reason why the suction cup of the fast edger is unstable may be caused by the following reasons: 1. Check if the suction cup of the edging machine is leaking. 2. Check that the suction cup pressure of the edging machine is not enough, see the vacuum gauge, the pressure is greater than 0.08.3. Check if the storage tank is blocked, if there is gas, if it is blocked. 4. The cylinder is not stuck or in place. 5. Check whether there is water in the inlet water of the vacuum pump and whether there is water flowing out of the outlet. 6. Whether the vacuum pump is running.
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