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Application of timing belt on glass machine


Glass has good perspective, pervious to light performance, the advantages of higher chemical stability, glass machine is specialized in the production of a variety of glass mechanical equipment, and synchronous belt is an indispensable part of the glass machine, so synchronous belt in the glass machine is how to apply? This article is made up of a series of synchronization belts common used by Enkong glass machine Suppliers.

Application of timing belt on glass machine

The main characteristics of synchronous belt transmission are: (1) accurate transmission ratio, high transmission efficiency, small initial tension force, small force on the shaft; (2) Large transmission ratio and linear speed range; (3) Uniform instantaneous velocity; The power transferred by unit mass is larger; (5) can be freely variable speed, simple structure, easy to replace, suitable for the two shaft center apart from the larger transmission occasions; 6 transmission smooth no noise, buffering, vibration absorption; Have overload protection function, can prevent the damage of weak parts, play a role of safety protection.

The main applications of glass production line are: roller drive, acceleration and reduction roller drive, cross cutting machine tool box movement, slice machine transport, horizontal stacking machine movement, etc.

The synchronous belt has many advantages, such as large driving power, stable operation, low working noise, no lubrication, etc., so different belt types should be selected according to different use requirements of glass machine. When the transmission efficiency is high, the transmission ratio is accurate, the transmission shaft force is small, generally chooses the trapezoidal gear synchronous belt more. And when the transfer power is large, to reduce wear belt and belt teeth, the arc tooth belt is used more. The selection mainly looks at the following several aspects of the use of requirements: transmission power, transmission torque, transmission ratio, transmission or transmission speed, transmission or transmission frequency, transport goods, service environment, service life, replacement conditions.

For example, in the cold-end roller transmission of glass production line, the transmission belt has higher requirements. Although it does not have lubrication conditions, it is required to run smoothly, have low speed, low torque required, low noise, and have certain wear resistance. So not only to be able to transmit the set power, accurate transmission ratio, but also to ensure durable, long service life. Select the rubber arc gear synchronous belt can be very good to improve its performance.

glass machine

What are the deep processing steps of glass

1. Selection of original pieces: First of all, glass processing must have original pieces of glass. Ordinary glass processing plants do not produce original pieces, only large glass companies can produce original pieces, such as Xinyi Glass, Nanbo Group and other large companies can produce. The thickness of the original glass is not the same, if it is the production of display glass generally choose 1mm, 2mm, 3mm between the thickness, because of the digital products on the requirements of light transmission is higher, so will choose super white glass.

2, glass size cutting: the size of the original piece itself is very large, generally more than 3 meters long, more than 2 meters wide. Cutting is the first step in glass processing. The staff calculates how to cut the original piece according to the size on the customer's drawing. The algorithm must take into account the size consumed by the rear glass mo side. Hence the term tolerance.

3, glass edge chamfer: just cut the glass will scrape the hand, the glass edge will be very sharp, the customer will also require the edge, but the edge has fog edge and bright edge, installed in the frame of fog edge on the line, this can also reduce the cost, polished edge is those on the glass aesthetic requirements of high customers. After the edge grinding is chamfering, chamfering also has special chamfering machine, through the chamfering function to accurately pour the desired R Angle.

4, toughening: there are physical toughening and chemical toughening, we talk about physical toughening here, physical toughening is the glass in the furnace to heat up to a certain degree, and then cool down, glass toughened hardness enhanced. Customers will require the glass to be tempered so that it is safe. Tempered glass is also known as safety glass.

5, Silk screen printing: some glass will go through this step, because the customer wants to print some patterns, company logo, etc on the glass. There are also high temperature silk screen with low temperature silk screen, high temperature silk screen will be in the previous step of tempering. Screen printing room to be relatively clean. This ink will not be mixed with impurities. The effect of screen printing will be better.

6, cleaning test packaging: the back of the glass to pass the inspector's detection to pass, the glass will be selected to have problems, some waste, some can be underprocessed. Good glass is laminate through laminating machine, and then wrapped in kraft paper.

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