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May Day, pay tribute to you who still insist on their posts!


On this May Day holiday, there are tens of millions of ordinary people who interpret the meaning of labor with perseverance, continue to write extraordinary stories on ordinary posts, and contribute to COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development with no regret One's own strength.Enkong Glass Machine Manufacturer also worked on covid-19 during the epidemic prevention period, and tried its best to do well in the Glass Machinery industry, believing that we would eventually win the war of covid-19.

This group of people is persistent and courageous. Although there is no glorious meritorious cause, no touching feat. But their perseverance, dedication and dedication in ordinary positions.

As the lyrics say: "ordinary people moved me the most". The stories of these ordinary laborers touched and moved people not only because they were beside us and their positions were closest to us, but also because they insisted on the spirit of their posts and their selfless dedication. At the dawn of the East, sanitation workers started their day's work in order to protect the city's cleanliness; under the scorching sun, construction workers fought nonstop to grab the construction period; late at night, high-speed rail maintenance workers were still busy, In order to protect the "mobile China" ... These perseverances seem ordinary, but the common spirit and belief they embody are an important support for the progress of our country.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Greatness comes from the ordinary, heroes come from the people." Our profession may be different, and the positions may be different, but as long as we are courageous and dedicated, every ordinary job can create extraordinary social value; An ordinary person can write an extraordinary chapter of life.

Tribute to us who stick to their posts!

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