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How to choose glass edging machine?


In recent years, after the continuous development and growth of the glass deep-processing industry, the types and specifications of glass edging machines are increasing, and the technology is becoming more advanced and the functions are more comprehensive. Among the wide variety of glass edging machines, how to choose the types that suits you? How to use it correctly and reasonably?Enkong glass edging machine manufacturers will tell some tips about choosing glass edging machine.

When you Choose glass edging machine, you must first understand the types and characteristics of the edge grinding machine.

1.Straight line glass edging machine

There are three characteristics of straight line edging machine: First, the use is relatively single, and it can only grind various straight edges;The second is can continuous grinding, with higher production efficiency;Third, it can grind larger size flat glass.Straight line edging machine is the most varieties and specifications among various types of edging machines. According to the different straight edges that can be ground, it can be divided into straight line edging machine, straight line pencil edging machine, straight line bevel edging machine Species.

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2.Straight line double glass edging machine

The characteristic is that it can grind two opposite sides of the glass at the same time, with good processing precision and high production efficiency, which is suitable for the production of large quantities of glass edging.According to the different width of grinding glass, the double edging machine can be divided into small and medium-sized and large-scale.The maximum grinding width under two meters is called small and medium-sized bilateral grinding.The largest grinding width of two meters or more is called large-scale double edging machine. The grinding head is equipped with sixteen, twenty, twenty-two, etc.Large-scale double-sided edging machine is generally controlled by computer, with high degree of automation, suitable for grinding large-size flat glass.

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When you buying a glass edging machine, you must first choose an edging machine produced by a manufacturer with a large production scale, stable product quality, and a complete after-sales service system. Although the price is higher than the price produced by the small factory, the quality and after-sales service are much better than the small factory, and the use is more reliable.

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