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How to buy a high-quality glass cutting machine?


Glass has long become an indispensable part of social development, and its necessity is no less than that of daily necessities such as electricity and water. The requirements for glass cutting machines have gradually shown a continuous upward trend, and the production and manufacturing types of similar industrial equipment on the sales market are more diverse. It is overwhelming to choose more diverse, but it is also more difficult to choose. The standard lacks a more delicate unity, and the unevenness of good and bad has become a big problem for customers without work experience. As the saying goes, buying is not as good as selling. Smart.

  Enkong Glass Machinery suppliers briefly introduces the basic knowledge of glass cutting machine selection in several aspects in detail here, and share it for everyone's reference.

Tips for choosing glass cutting machine

   1. To ensure the safety factor, the safety factor of industrial equipment is the basic criterion for the company to purchase machinery and equipment. Only with safety can the production and manufacturing be ensured, and only then can the employees use the processing plant as a safe and stable work at home, and this company can do better.

2. It is the adaptability of the glass cutting machine. Because there are more places to install or need glass, and the required specifications are various, so it is to buy mechanical equipment that can be flexibly operated in actual size, so that one equipment can integrate different glass The specifications can save the cost of machinery and equipment, and even save the cost of premises.

   3. It’s better to take a look at it, the operation process, and the actual effect. Facts speak louder than words.

  4. Before purchasing a glass cutting machine, you must consider whether your product structure is a suitable glass cutting machine;

  5. The size of the glass cutting machine takes into account whether the indoor space can be placed; the basic glass cutting machine is generally 18 meters long and has a total width of 3.5 meters;

  6. Are there any aerial cranes in the glass production and processing industrial plant, which are used to transport the glass above all the pieces of table?

  7. When purchasing a glass cutting machine, be sure to conduct a careful investigation on the loading table.

glass cutting machine

Tips for buying a second-hand glass cutting machine

1. Ensure the safety factor

        The safety factor of mechanical equipment is the basic standard for enterprises to purchase mechanical equipment. Only with safety can production be guaranteed and workers can treat the factory as a home and work safely and stably, so that the company can do better and better.

2. Adaptability of second-hand glass cutting machine

       Because the installation or the place where there is more glass, the specifications are again required, because this is the best, the actual operation level of the flexible machine, this equipment can be integrated into different glass specifications, It can save machine cost, even cost.

3. Consider the suitability of product structure and cutting machine

        Before choosing a second-hand glass cutting machine, you must consider whether your product structure is the correct choice of glass cutting machine;

4. Pay attention to the size of the glass cutting machine

       Consider whether the indoor space can be placed; the basic glass cutting machine is generally 18 meters long and 3.5 meters wide.

5. Whether the workshop equipment is complete

       Does the glass production and processing industrial workshop have a hoisting machine that transports glass to the upper pallet?

6. Check the loading table carefully

       When choosing a second-hand glass cutting machine, you must carefully study the upper plate.

Reasons for the different depths of glass cutting machine cutting

The different shades may fall into the following categories:

   1. The cutter wheel or hole is not round, which causes periodic flip and bounce.

  The poor cutting caused by this kind of situation is mainly manifested in the regular one-depth and one-shallow cutting lines of laminated glass, which can be replaced with stronger shaft tenon processing.

   2. The regional cutting depth caused by the unevenness of the cutting cabinet countertops is too shallow or too deep.

   This kind of situation can generally regard cutting cabinet countertops as a nine-square grid. Look at the square where the problems often appear when cutting, then the cabinet countertops in this area are uneven. The more economical solution is to replace it with a toothed cutter wheel.

Preventive measures for glass cutting machine

The failure maintenance of the glass cutting machine is of course important, but in daily use, it is better to take preventive measures. Generally there are the following points:

  1. regular maintenance

   The failure of the glass cutting machine must be dealt with in time, and various maintenance and repairs must be carried out according to the equipment requirements. Regular and irregular inspections, keep abreast of the operating conditions of the glass cutting machine, and deal with temporary minor faults in a timely manner. Do not delay the maintenance opportunity due to minor faults and do not affect the use, leading to larger faults or even safety accidents .

  2. normal working load

   Be careful not to work under a large load that the equipment can withstand, and use the equipment within your ability. It is necessary to balance the uniform increase and decrease of the machine load as much as possible, so that the equipment is in a relatively gentle load change, and prevent large ups and downs of the reducer and lifting system.

  3. Lubrication of various parts of glass cutting machine

  Lubrication is one of the effective measures to reduce mechanical failure. For this reason, it is necessary to select lubricants reasonably, choose corresponding lubricating oil or grease according to different application conditions, and master the appropriate quality oil quantity, and select the corresponding quality grade and brand according to the requirements of the equipment. In use, neither low-grade lubricating grease nor other types of lubricating grease can be used as a substitute. Of course, inferior lubricating grease cannot be used.

  4. The division of responsibilities of the operators to reduce failures

   First, make a reasonable division of the post inspection and inspection according to the requirements of the inspection and repair system, and then clarify the corresponding responsibilities. When there is responsibility, there will be pressure, and when there is pressure, motivation will be generated, and work will be carried out smoothly. Secondly, we must formulate necessary incentive mechanisms to reward the good and punish the bad, so that the post inspection can develop in the long run.

For more knowledge about glass cutting machines, please contact Enkong Glass Machinery suppliers.

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