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Happy mother's day


Today is Mother ’s Day, and all the employees of Enkongs glass machine factory wish all mothers in the world: Happy mother's day!

Mothers are often regarded as sacred, which is a kind of praise, but also a shackle.

Some people say that when the public continues to praise the role of "mother", it is also functionalizing it. It seems that the default mother can or should give up work for the family, for the children, give up socializing, and give up on herself.

Many times, we forget, even my mother forgot. Before becoming a mother, she was also a little girl who was spoiled by her. She was a strong individual in the workplace, a girl who loved to enjoy life ... the most important thing , She is herself, a person with an independent personality.

She can feel tired, complain, dislike,  fragile, confused, weak, troubled, not overly sacrificed, not restricted to a certain field, she can have rights to pursue herself dream.

Studies have shown that when one sacrifices oneself excessively, it makes themself feel wronged for a long time, which not only make their feel unhappy but also make other around them feel guilty.

On Mother's Day, you don't have to let your love stop at your lips. Do n’t forget to say “love you” to your mother generously, and do n’t forget to start from today, let us understand mother first when understanding others.

When she was young, she spared no effort to protect us. As time passed, we could love her more, just like she once did.

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