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The difference and working principle between Glass edging machine and Edge pulling machine


These two kinds of equipment can be used in glass edging, one is glass edging machine, the other is edge pulling machine. These two kinds of equipment can be used for glass edging, but the effect is different.

The difference between glass grinding and pulling edge shows that one is grinding and the other is pulling. Grinding edge is better understood than drawing edge, while the edge drawing is mainly in the process of glass production.

Differences in Glass Edging Machine and Edge Pulling Machine

Glass edge grinding

Glass edge grinding generally uses glass edge grinding machine to grind the edge of the glass, so that the sharp edge becomes smooth and does not hurt people. At the same time, special-shaped glass edge grinding machine can be used to reprocess the shape of the glass. ENKONGS is mainly committed to the R & D and production of glass edging machine.

Glass edge pulling

Glass edge pulling

Glass edge pulling is generally used in the production process of glass, which is mostly used in the production and molding of float glass.

glass edge pulling machine

Working principle of glass edge drawing

Two kinds of liquid with different specific gravity, the one with small specific gravity floats on the top, and the one with large specific gravity floats on the bottom. The float glass is formed in the tin bath, that is, the molten glass continuously flows into the tin bath from the overflow channel and the launder, spreads out on the tin surface and drifts forward under the traction of the driving roller. Under a certain temperature, it is flattened and thinned by surface tension and gravity. After cooling, the glass is lifted up by the transition roller platform, left the tin bath and entered the annealing furnace. Finally, the glass is crosscut, inspected and packed. The float glass produced by special technology has the characteristics of good quality, many varieties, high output and long operation cycle.

Float glass can be roughly divided into two types:

Colorless transparent float glass: transparent float glass is a glass liquid which melts evenly through the channel and enters into the tin bath. Due to its own gravity and surface tension, the glass liquid is naturally flattened on the surface of molten tin liquid and becomes a glass belt, which is made by external force pulling and temperature adjustment.

Glass edge drawing characteristics:

Smooth surface, no ripple, good perspective.

The specification can be elastic fit to reduce the slice loss.

It can provide materials for manufacturing various processing levels.

glass machine

The difference between glass grinding machine and glass pulling:

Different uses: glass edge grinding machine is glass reprocessing, glass edge pulling is a production process.

Different time: glass edge grinding machine is used after the completion of glass production, glass edge pulling is used in the glass production process.

Different machines: glass edging machine is used for grinding edge, glass pulling machine is used for drawing edge.

Edging machine can be divided into: glass linear edging machine, glass linear beveling machine, special-shaped edging machine, crystal steel door glass edging machine, cabinet glass edging machine, etc.

Edge pulling machine is divided into: glass edge pulling machine, glass edge rolling machine, etc.

Different products: edge grinding is based on the inherent glass products, while edge drawing is to directly produce a certain kind of glass machine products.

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