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Enkongs responds to the COVID-19 outbreak


With the global outbreak of covid-19, everyone knows that covid-19 virus has a great impact on our life and work. Many glass machine manufacturers were affected by COVID - 19 and went bankrupt. Fortunately, Enkongs glass machine manufacturer held on. Do you want to know how Enkongs glass machine manufacturer did during the outbreak?

Enkongs responds to the outbreak

1.Glass machine sales training meeting

Under the influence of the COVID-19, the governments of many countries around the world have issued order of city lockdown. This has caused a certain impact on the entire foreign trade. When facing this trouble, Enkongs did not stop moving.We have used this special period to deepen our sales staff understanding of our glass machine products.

In-depth study of products can better understand customer needs and make products that satisfy customers. At a time when foreign trade is slowing down, we use this opportunity to precipitate ourselves and learn. Because opportunities are often reserved for the prepared.

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2. Glass machine product promotion meeting

Affected by the epidemic, we cannot promote our glass machine products through traditional exhibitions as before, but this time is also a good opportunity for us to strengthen online promotion. Under the guidance of professionals, we have a deeper understanding of how to promote online products, and have also improved our skills to make good quality glass machine.

What should we do in the face of the COVID-19?

We cannot underestimate the ability and harm of the COVID-19 to spread. But we should not be overly panicky at this time, we should treat it with the right attitude and method.

First,Strict isolation at home is the safest

Don't go out unless necessary, and don't let others come to your home. If you go out and buy food, you need to be well protected. It is best to send a strong person from each family to buy food every few days.

It is best to send a strong person from each family and go out to buy food every few days.

Second,Wear surgical masks when you go to buy food.

N95 masks are consciously left to the medical staffs, they are our hope to survive the crisis, we must protect them! Keep your distance when buying food and reduce exposure. Vegetables, coats, and shoes may have virus droplets on them. Ventilate and dry in the sun them when you return home.

Third,don't panic if you have mild symptoms

You are most likely just a common cold, or just a somatizing symptom caused by stress. Non-emergency and severe cases should go to the hospital with caution, because the panic crowd in the hospital is mixed with real infected people. And the panic caused by the hospital crowd will exhaust medical resources, drag down doctors, and be catastrophic for controlling the epidemic. In addition, there is no effective medicine for this disease at the moment. When you get to the hospital, you can only cure cough and fever. Whether it can be completely cured or not depends entirely on autoimmunity. So it is very important to improve autoimmunity.

Fourth,Improve immunity and maintain a healthy lifestyle

1. Take a good rest without staying up late and keep more exercising.

2. keep warm and drink plenty of water 

3. Maintain a good mood, take more deep breaths to release emotions.

4. Open windows every day in your home for ventilation.

5.Bask sun more and breathe more fresh air.

6. Use elevators less and climb stair more, and stairwells should be more ventilated.

7. Wash your hands frequently. Wash your hands when you touch your mouth, nose, and eyes.

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