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Why are glass cutting machine so popular?


In the manufacture of Glass, Glass cutting is a very important process, at present, glass cutting machine using artificial feeding, cutting efficiency is low, because of the need to cut different sizes of Glass at the same time, fixed on the cutter positioning block can't meet the need, workers tend to judging by experience, prone to error, Glass cutting damage and waste of resources, the next Enkong glass cutting machine suppliers of small make up will take you to understand the cause of the popular glass cutting machine and operation points for attention.

glass cutting machine

Factors that make glass cutting machine popular

In the existing technology, rectangular glass cutting machine is often done in the horizontal and vertical direction, the more common are separate cutting, driven by hydraulic device, so the whole operation process is very unstable, low efficiency, the cutting device will be very big, covers an area of big, consumption of large, therefore, need a cut rectangular glass cutting machine, easy to operate.

Rectangular glass cutting machine by derrick installed on the ceiling, the entire unit, directly above the glass conveyor belt it will cut the glass on the right side of the cutting machine, start the rotary motor, drive the slider through transmission block rotation, because in front of the rotating rod connected to the rectangular connector and slide block rotates, the slider can move vertically on the slider.

Including two fixed slide rail rectangular glass cutting machine, horizontal slide block and transmission device, two parallel fixed slide rail, both ends fixed crane tower, on both ends of the sliding block with a hollow sliding block, a hollow sliding block can slide on the slide block set, two fixed slide rail and install a diagonal on the diagonal, between two installation incline hoist.

When the slider rotates in place, the rotating rod will rotate when moving back and forth in the slider. The spring ensures that the rotating rod moves more smoothly, and the track of the slider ensures the left and right sides of the rectangular glass. When the slider runs to both ends of the slider, the rotating rod drives the slider to move horizontally along the direction of the slide rail to ensure the levelness of the upper and lower sides of the rectangular glass.

Operation matters of glass cutting machine

The glass cutting machine comprises a shell of the worktable, the worktable can be sliding set on the shell, the worktable is provided with a magnet, the cutting device is provided with a water pipe, the cutting machine also includes a driving sliding table drive, drive the gear rack, the gear is covered on the shell, fixed on the shelf of the worktable.

The gear is provided with a rotating shaft, the rotating shaft extends out of the shell, and is connected with the rotating handle, the shell is provided with a sliding groove, the working table is provided with a guide rail, the sliding groove and guide rail, is helpful to improve the stability of the sliding table.

The use of a matching cutting disc groove on the workbench, so that the bottom of the blade into the workbench groove, effectively achieve the cutting of the glass, the workbench has a magnet, magnet block and the workbench fixed by magnetic force, the position of the magnet block can be adjusted according to the different size of the glass cutting positioning, simple operation.

The operation of the glass cutting machine should pay attention to the problem

The glass cutting machine comprises a worktable, a base is provided below the worktable, one side of the worktable is provided with a control component, a supporting rod is provided above the worktable, the supporting rod is provided with a shell, a motor is provided below the shell, the output shaft is connected with the motor drive, the output shaft is covered with a cutting wheel.

The shell is provided with a water tank, the outer circumference of the motor is covered with a plurality of water pipes, the water tank is provided with a water pump, the water tank is connected with the water pipe, when the motor needs heat dissipation, the water pump control water circulation in the water pipe, fast heat dissipation, improve the practicability of the glass cutting machine.

Two spray parts are arranged on the output shaft, two spray parts are connected with a fixed rod, two fixed rod is connected with the connecting pipe, the spraying part comprises a sleeve, the sleeve center is provided with a bearing, the output shaft through the bearing, the gear is installed on the bearing.

When the table needs to be cleaned, when the pump control two sleeve, connecting pipe from the nozzle of the corresponding tube seat into the water, gear rotation, can continue to move the gear fixing block, so that the nozzle in a torsion spring swing, before and after the nozzle can clean the surface of the table, improve the practicality of the glass cutting machine.

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