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How does the glass cutting machine operate?


Glass cutting machine is a common glass mechanical tool, glass cutting machine is also very wide range of applications, but many people do not know how to operate the glass cutting machine, the operation of glass cutting machine need to pay attention to what matters. Follow the Enkong glass machine manufacturer to learn the correct operation and precautions of the glass cutting machine.

glass cutting machine 

Operation method of glass cutting machine


1. Take good safety measures, wear gloves, protective glasses and special iron shoes.


2. Turn on the power switch, start the ncstudio program, first return to the mechanical origin, then return to the fixed point, then load the required programs and confirm them.


3. Place the glass to be cut on the cutting table of the glass cutting machine.


4. Press the blow button on the cutting machine so that the glass can float on the cutting table and move freely for easy positioning.


5. Position the glass on the cutting table and press the stop button to end the air work. Then step on the suction switch with your foot.


6. After the cutting is completed, press the stop switch to stop the suction function, and then turn on the blow switch.


7. Open the air blowing switch of the dividing table, clean up the debris and dust on the table, and then move the cut glass to the dividing table in parallel. Be careful in the process of moving.


8. For the glass on the dividing table, first clean the edge material around it and put it on the designated corresponding position. Then, divide the whole glass into small pieces according to the cutting marks.


9. After separating each small piece of glass into vertical rows, this process must not be omitted, and must ensure the vertical Angle of the glass.


10. After a piece of glass is cut, clean the cutting table and cutting table of the cutting machine with an air gun, and then place the next piece of glass for new cutting work.


Notes for glass cutting machine:


1. There should be no scratches or white spots on the glass surface;


2. When cutting a large amount of glass, it is necessary to test the performance of the cutting machine. The detection method is to check the effect of the first piece of glass cut by the cutting machine.


3. Before moving the glass, check whether there are cracks in the glass itself. If there are cracks, we can be more careful when moving or discard them directly to avoid sudden cracks in the process of moving.


The cutting tools used in the glass cutting machine generally adopt diamond grinding head to coordinate with the high-speed rotation of the main shaft. With a special grinding head, it can achieve the ultra-thin glass hole, slot, up and down one-time chamfering, special-shaped glass precise cutting, shape processing, chamfering, etc., the error can be controlled in ±0.02~±0.05mm, and the glass edge is not easy to collapse, damage.


Glass cutting machine is used for glass processing and cutting a processing machine, glass cutting machine includes the end of the arrangement of air - floating sheet - feeding table, double - bridge interchange type cutting table. Everyone in the use of glass cutting machine may encounter the following situations, glass cutting machine cut the depth of the problem.


Glass cutting machine with different depth:


1. The cutter wheel or hole is not round, causing regular rolling and jumping.


This situation caused by poor cutting performance for the glass cutting line has a regular depth and a shallow, can be replaced with a better axle solution.


2. Regional cutting depth caused by uneven cutting table is too shallow or too deep.


This kind of circumstance can regard cutting mesa as 9 palace lattice commonly, the problem that sees when cutting often appears in which grid, so it is the mesa of this area is uneven. The more economical solution is to replace the toothed cutter wheel. If you want to produce high quality glass, you must control the quality in detail, eliminate the problem in time and repair the equipment if you encounter the cutting effect.


Cleaning method of glass cutting machine


What is the cleaning method of glass cutting machine, and for the glass cutting machine cleaning is very important, so it is also critical of the things we think, in fact the reality is often the opposite, the work of cleaning the glass cutting machine is only just started, there are still many problems need us after you are finished processing.


Brush cleaning type: after the plate glass on the vertical glass cleaning machine, by the transmission roller glass into the brush room, by spray water brush wash, and then into the washing room, with pure water rinse.


Then into the air drying room with a special high pressure fan thoroughly peel off the water film, dry, clean cleaning effect, this type of vertical glass cleaning machine, is characterized by energy saving, but there is noise.


Ultrasonic cleaning: ultrasonic vertical glass cleaning machine is mainly composed of the following components: cleaning tank, holding to wash the workpiece, made of stainless steel, installation of heating and temperature control device. Ultrasonic transducer is bonded to the bottom of the cleaning tank. Transducer (ultrasonic generator) : converts electrical energy into mechanical piezoelectric ceramic transducer with frequency and power depending on the type.


The cleaning method of glass cutting machine is the relevant situation that we do well in life, only in this way can our glass cutting machine be better maintained.


The above is the glass cutting machine related knowledge organized by Enkong glass machine manufacturer. I hope everyone must strictly follow the safety regulations when using the cutting machine, and pay attention to the precautions mentioned in the small series to ensure their personal safety. If you need a glass cutting machine or other related products, please contact the Enkong glass machine manufacturer.

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