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Production Problems We are facing at the present stage


During the outbreak of new corona-virus pneumonia, all walks of life falls in unprecedented challenges, especially for the machinery manufacturing industry, it is a battle of life and death. 

There are four dilemmas in the machinery industry: the "three flows" of personnel returning to work, logistics and cash flow are restricted, the upstream and downstream do not return to work, resulting in a shortage of products and raw materials, and offline production activities are facing stagnation.

Take ENKONGS as an example,the challenges are following.


-Raw material price raising:  

Due to the fact of raw material price raised high 15%-20% since February 2021. The supplies holding or canceling of machining spare part's order which caused the huge delay to the production plan. Also, any increase in the prices of raw materials will result in increase in the cost of procurement of ENKONGS, but we did not turn the expenditures to our loyalty client.  


- Power restriction in Guangdong province:

we are suffering 3 days cut off in a week. Electricity consumption has been increasing. The acceleration of economic activity resumption after pandemic and persistent high temperatures hit early in May.


- The acceleration of economic activity resumption rapidly:

Sound good but not in real life. Power restriction, raw material prices increased, unpredictable shipment cost come as consequence. All factors are not controllable. We are prepared to handle unexpected.


- Covid Variant discovered in Foshan City and Guangzhou City.

The future remains gloomy. There are so many uncertainties are coming soon. We may face another lockdown or any restriction of business activity. Communication is the key. Our representative salesman is keeping up to the news with you if any future message.       


But, in this crisis, enterprises are not lying flat waiting for the end of the epidemic, but making full use of the Internet to win the market after the epidemic.

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