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SYM08 Double Pencil Edging Series


General description

SYM08 Double round edging machine is directed at round edge processing. Typical apply in household appliances and photovoltaic panel processing.

The machine adopts modular design, which can be optionally equipped with safety angle device and so on that your request. The edging machine is equipped with a safety rope protection mechanism to ensure the operator and maintenance personnel in an all-round way. With compact structure, stable and reliable performance, high degree of automation and high production efficiency, the whole line is the best supporting equipment for glass edging production in photovoltaic and home appliance industries, and can be used with gluing, printing, tempering and other production lines.

The whole line contains two grinding edgers and one automatic transfer table, and the production speed of the whole line is 1-15m / min (depending on the margin of edging).PLC control system is adopted in the whole line, and processing parameters are set through man-machine interface to complete processing at one time. It has stable and solid base structure, accurate and smooth fast opening and closing system.


Product: Solar Glass/ Furniture glass/ Electrical glass

Technical Parameters

Summary as below:
Number of Spindles: 8 (optional: with Low E deletion device, Servo tracking Safety Corner Cutting)
Max. glass dimension: Up to 3200mm
Min. glass size: 150 x 150(1700), 250 x 250(2200), 300 x 300(3200)
Glass thickness: 2~6 mm
Working Speed: 1-15 m/mins
Width adjustment Speed: 4 m/min (optional: 8 m/min)
Tolerance of the diagonal(1000x1000): ±0.5 mm
Tolerance on the parallelism(mm): ±0.2 mm
Total power: 25 KW
Weight: 5000-6500kg


Grinding wheel arrangement

Wheel No.

Wheel name





Diamond grinding wheel

D200XD50X3.2-100 grit


Rough grinding


Diamond grinding wheel

D200XD50X3.2-140 grit


Rough grinding


Diamond grinding wheel

D200XD50X3.2-180 grit


Rough grinding


Diamond grinding wheel

D200XD50X3.2-240 grit


Rough grinding


Safety angle diamond wheel



Servo tracking Safety corner dubbing for optional.


Product Detail:


■Not only Adopt thick material beam to keep transfer glass smoothly, but also processed by our CNC processing center with 0.01mm precision to keep  processing precision


■The base of the "W" structure use high-quality national standard square tubes, and the surface is processed by special CNC machining center to ensure the stability and accuracy of the machine.


■Ball screw: Taiwan HINWIN / TBI / PMI

■Linear guide: Taiwan HINWIN / TBI / SHAC

Support frame adopt “W” structure to keep the linear guide force balance to prolong life.

■ Use straight line double linear guides and rollers to fix the glass position.

 The position install on desktop to avoid water, easy for debugging and replacement.

■ Fix position part adopt moduarable design, convenient for testing.

■Using PLC+touch screen.

■Adopt movable contorl table with centralized-control system. The operator can see the situation from the movable control table and the current machine. It means double monitor system.

motor carriage:

Adopt modular-able design for the machnical transmission structure, it is very easy maintain and repair in future using.

Adopt 2800rpm motor and match with the mechanical transmission structure,rotating speed up to 4200rpm. especially the shaft can tolerant 12000rpm rotation speed. it can save the electric and high efficiency.


Can install two different thickness size pencil diamond wheel at the same time, just need turn out another size motor during processing 


The position of the water tank is designed on the top. It is convenient to change the grinding wheel. You only need to open the cover to change the grinding wheel, saving time.


■Upper beam adopt lifting structure design Swallowtail pallets add T Type screw structure, and thick material support beam,torsional performance is more stable and durable.


■Upper beam adopt lifting structure design Swallowtail pallets add T Type screw structure, and thick material support beamtorsional performance is more stable and durable.

The adjusting width adopt  frequency converter.                  ■ Servo motor for adjusting width Speed: 8M/min 

Speed: 4M/min

Standardfrequency moto+universal shaft for main                                                   Upgradedouble servo main transmission processing speed up to 15M/min Easy to replace the timing belt.

     transmission processing speed up to 10M/min.

Transmission belt adopt italy brand  

Using one more safety device(mark from photo) just in case the operator replace the wheel in the middle between the stable and moveable side, he can catch the safety line to stop the width moving once the machine still running. More safety

■OptionalSafety corner cutting system(X/Y/Z axis to cut C corner, C1-8mm.




Glass spacing within 8cm between 2 pcs glass. At the same processing speed, our product efficiency is more than 5 times that of other manufacturers.


- Machine and line installation and start-up.

- Training from ENKONGS field technicians. Customer training directly at the customer’s site.

- Overhaul, upgrade, repairs and maintenance.

- Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.

- Software upgrade.

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