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Types of Glass Machinery


                                                                               Types of Glass Machinery

Glass machinery mainly include the following categories: float glass production line, grid production line, steel furnace , homogenizing furnace , laminated lines, hollow lines, coating lines, screen printing equipment, glass edging machine , glass washing machines , automatic glass Goode hit sand machine , polishing machine , loading machine, cutting machine , drilling machine , engraving machine , etc., of which the most common is the glass washing machine , glass edging machine .

Glass Edging Machine

Introduction and features: glass edging machine is mainly suitable for furniture glass and architectural glass processing and glass technology, is to produce the best glass deep processing machine and one of the largest amount of cold equipment. Mainly used for general flat glass bottom and chamfer grinding, polishing. General manual, digital control, PLC computer control configuration.

Glass Washing Machine

Glass mirror, vacuum coating, steel, bending, hollow pieces together before the procedure, such as deep-processing technology to clean the surface of the glass, special drying process equipment. Glass washing machine is mainly composed of transmission, scrub, rinse, rinse water, cold, hot air, electric control system components. According to user needs, in large glass washing machine comes with a manual (pneumatic) glass flipped cars and light inspection systems.

Glass Drilling Machine

Glass drilling machine is designed for glass drilling, divided into: base, console, drill bits, motors, etc., drilling large diameter, base overhang space large variety of sizes of glass, which drilled work table height is low, easy to operate, under the pneumatic drill speed, speed and stability, is ideal for glass processing companies.

· Attention to safety commissioning and usage, do not touch moving parts when the machine is working;

· Do not put other objects on the cast rail transport;

· There is an emergency situation, immediately press the "emergency stop" button, or pull down the air switch;

· Pay attention to the situation of grinding: grinding wheel infeed or loss, timely to make a compensation.

· Always keep sufficient cooling water tank, clean water, to avoid burning wheels and glass, and promptly clean up the road grinding impurities out of water, keeping water flowing;

· Checked whether all the travel switch is working properly before work, the control direction whether is correct. If not, you should immediately stop checking, otherwise there will be a fatal damage to the machine.

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