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What does the glass machinery industry rely on to improve ?


What does the glass machinery industry rely on to improve?

With the continuous change of technology, glass products have gradually evolved from single float glass to high value-added glass products, accompanied by the upgrading of glass equipment manufacturing industry. In particular, with the development of the concepts of industry 4.0 and made in China 2025, the development of glass machinery and equipment industry is also accelerating.

Some mechanical and equipment enterprises obviously feel that orders have increased in the past two years. "there have been a lot of orders over the years, but they haven't made any money," said the owner of CNC equipment. There are two main reasons: first, the overall market environment is not good, difficult to collect money. The glass industry has been in a doldrums until 2016, but there is no sign of a significant increase in orders from glass manufacturers, so the demand for machinery is the same. Although the equipment industry is not as fast as other industries, but from the time point of view is always steady progress, glass machinery equipment elimination cycle is generally 8-10 years, that is, the industry has a stable and sustained demand. 

Second, homogenization competition is serious, the price war leads to the market profit thin. The concentration of glass machinery and equipment industry in China is not high, the number of enterprises is large but the number of enterprises is small, and there is still a gap between domestic and foreign industries. Most of the domestic glass machinery and equipment are still mainly in the middle and low end, more and more homogenization, lack of core technology. The processing performance and stability need to be improved, either the machining precision is not enough, or the efficiency is on the low side or the failure rate is relatively high.

However, the equipment purchased by the factory is not as casual or extravagant as the general consumer goods industry. Glass manufacturing industry is a practical industry, the pursuit of mechanical equipment is processing accuracy, efficiency, quality, stability and other real indicators. In the fierce market competition, glass processing plants compete for who has higher productivity and better quality, so the more equipment manufacturers meet the needs of their customers, the more competitive they are. That is to say, the equipment enterprises need to improve the technology level, master the core technology, get rid of the low-end homogeneity, and expand to the high-end field. The transformation of machinery and equipment industry needs time and experience accumulation. It is necessary to have core technology in the long run, but most enterprises may not be able to do it in the short term. For example, once it is found that a lot of customers' equipment has the same situation at a certain stage or when a component is replaced frequently, we can actively analyze if there are defects in our own process, and if there is a process problem, we can immediately improve it.

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