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Analysis of the Brand Support of Glass Machinery Industry

Affected by the market downturn of China's glass industry, two or three large glass machinery enterprises have already closed this year and the small factories which are closed down are more numerous, and the exports dropped sharply. The glass machinery enterprises in China are going through the winter. Currently, there are thousands of glass machinery enterprises in China, but most of which are SMEs, there is the irrational industrial structure, the industry is concentrated in labor-intensive products to technology-intensive products significantly behind the developed countries, large industrial energy consumption and low output serious environmental pollution, technological innovation capability is weak, management lags behind and many other issues.

At present, the development of our glass machinery is highly dependent on the international market. In order to ride out the storm, domestic enterprises and the urgent need to establish the "China Glass Machinery” brand. To establish China glass machinery brand requires many efforts. It takes the lead of the industry association, the full support of the export enterprises, through the formal channels of commercial promotion and public relations, to establish the "China Glass Machinery” brand abroad. These factors are indispensable. And we can learn from the successful experience in Germany and Italy and learning.

The good prospects of fine glass processing industry make development of Chinese glass edging machine industry maintain a rapid development trend. Expected demand in the Chinese market, the annual growth rate of approximately 30% from 2011 to 2013, and the automotive and architectural laminated safety glass. This means that there is the great potential for development and endurance for the glass machine China.

As a substrate, architectural and automotive glass, glass products, the process of the development of a wide range are playing an increasingly important role, and have brought opportunities and challenges for glass production and processing equipment. Multi-functional flexible production technology and production equipment is the development trend of the world's glass processing industry. They demanded that the glass processing equipment with a high degree of repeatability and accuracy. Automotive and architectural glass has been committed to meet the needs of the market to reduce the thickness of the glass, and glass deep-processing technology put forward higher requirements. A lot of glass deep processing enterprises began to improve the efficiency of the production line, to integrate all aspects of the glass deep processing. This will be the future trends of the glass deep processing industry.

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