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Housewarming celebration of ENKONG, MAWEI and REKONG company

The air was filled with sound of bursting firecrackers and din of clashing gongs and cymbals. What a sunshiny and exciting day! Everything was going one well for the housewarming celebration of ENKONG, MAWEI and REKONG company.

After the ENKONG team returned from the victory of China Glass Exhibition, housewarming party was hold in the new factory on May 29. Not only domestic and oversea customers, but also leaders of Guangdong Glass Association and Lunjiao Glass Machinery & Glasswork Chamber of Commerce came to celebrate. And almost all of our agents home and abroad showed up.

It was a Chinese and western party. People looked around the new factory and enjoyed themselves in the office building. Harp, champagne and snack were the theme of first floor, while koto and tea were the theme of top floor. In the evening, people got-together in the banquet and watched various of wonderful performances, like Dragon and Lion Dance, Catwalk Show of Miss Tourism of International, Face-changing Performances, Brilliant Magic, Splendid Chinese Dance, Attractive Singing...

The openning of the new 83000 square meters modern production base is an important milepost of innovation. Facing the opportunity and challenge in future, let's start the new life course together.
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