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Thermal process manufacturing method of glass products

by:Enkong     2021-04-08
For glass products, the general manufacturing method between the melting point (1450 degrees) and the Xu cold point (450 degrees) is called hot processing. The following briefly introduces the manufacturing method of the thermal processing of the lower glass: 1. The press molding method injects the molten hot glass paste into the engraved pattern mold, which becomes a block and the pattern is also pressed. 2. Sand mold casting presses the model into moderately deep wet acetylene to prevent the sand mold from collapsing, then pour the glass paste into the sand mold, and then take it out after the glass is slightly cold, and then grind and process it after cooling down slowly. 3. Embryo core forming is one of the earliest techniques used to make glass windows. Mix the soil and horse dung to make the embryo pericardium outside the metal rod, then dip the hot glass paste to form the main body of the container, surround the glass wire to outline the pattern, and dig out the embryo core after the cooling is finished. 4. The torch thermoplastic is heated by a small spray gun or a torch, also known as the torch thermoplastic. It only uses boron glass color rods or soda glass color rods of various colors, and is continuously combined into a shape with techniques such as stretching, twisting, and winding. , Suitable for small and delicate performances, such as glass cutters, animals and plants. And because of the different glass cutting machines used, they are divided into solid, hollow and brushed thermoplastic. In addition, they can also be used with colored drawings to increase the interest of the work. 5. Blowing originated in the Roman Empire in the first year of the AD, and it is still the most important, widely used and most varied production method in glass technology. Blowing is mostly based on the window. The process refers to the blowing of molten glass paste with a blowpipe, blowing into small bubbles, and then using tools to heat the shape, and then using another blowpipe to take a small amount of glass for bridging and bottoming. Knock down the work Xu Leng. 6. After the wax mold is wrapped with refractory gypsum in the dewaxing casting method, the glass raw material and the empty mold are put into the furnace to heat at the same time. The glass slowly flows into the mold at high temperature to form, and then it is placed in the furnace for dewaxing and cooling slowly. Remove the plaster mold, and then finish it by grinding and planing. 7. The powder casting method fills the glass block and glass powder into a pre-designed model, and puts it in a furnace to heat up and melt into a whole glass work. 8. The furnace heating design method is a technique of heating between 750 degrees and 850 degrees. 9. Thermoplastic fusion combines the first cut glass or glass pieces with different patterns on a ceramic plate, puts it in a furnace and heats it up to become a glass plate, usually with other techniques to change it. 10. Bake the glass material into the pottery clay that has been designed and made in advance to heat, the glass gradually softens and begins to sag, and then it can freely fall into shape.
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