The technical properties of glass beveling machine is analysed

by:Enkong     2021-04-05
Technical characteristics of glass beveling machine is analysed, and the characteristics of glass beveling machine is introduced: 1. Glass beveling machine overload circuit maintenance, supply for grinding head motor safety guarantee. 2. Glass beveling machine and clamp are technology, through the special grinding machine grinding is not present when the thin glass chamfer size head, break the glass. 3. Glass beveling machine equipped with high precision straight edge, motor that cut glass as mud. 4. Glass beveling machine and girder with wear-resisting gib, for the high strength work supply guarantee. 5. Glass hypotenuse pause with stepless adjustment, adjustable size, smooth speed. 6. Glass beveling machine adjustment is not the same when the thickness of the glass, can be adjusted after the reference beam Numbers table. 7. Shield, electrical box, the scaffolding by pickling, phosphating, high temperature of the lacquer that bake paint technology, such as machine durable use light like new. 8. Grinding head selects the high quality stainless steel water tanks, stainless steel are marginal through special technology, won't hurt. 9. Solid casting base, girders, before and after the machine in the same temperature change larger local durable, not changeful form. 10. Chamfering machine and before the move beam synchronization. 11. Unique shape of the flow linear control electric box, advancing with The Times.
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