The strength of the glass cutting machine equipment parts

by:Enkong     2021-01-04
How ability to resist damage of glass cutting machine equipment parts. Parts strength is insufficient, can lead to a large plastic deformation or fracture damage, insulating glass processing machine to stop working or serious accidents. High strength material, increase the parts section size, reasonable design of cross section shape, heat treatment and chemical treatment methods, improve the manufacturing precision of the parts, the rational allocation of the positions of the parts in the machine, etc. Is to improve the strength of insulating glass processing equipment parts. The stiffness of elastic deformation resistance refers to the parts. Parts stiffness is insufficient, can lead to large elastic deformation, caused by concentrated load, the influence on the performance of the machine work, or even cause an accident. Such as hollow glass processing equipment of the main shaft, guide rail, if insufficient stiffness of deformation is too large. Will seriously affect the processing precision of parts. The stiffness of hollow glass processing equipment parts mainly divides into the overall deformation stiffness and two kinds of surface contact stiffness. Parts or increase section moment of inertia of cross section size, shorten the bearing span or adopt more protection measures such as the structure, improve the overall stiffness parts. Increase the joint surface and use the measures will be conducive to improve the zero, such as finishing parts that could satisfy the requirement of stiffness and strength requirements.
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