The smoothness of the cutting operation of the glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-01

The glass cutting machine is a line cutting machine that can move freely according to the cutting size and cutting direction to complete automatic guidance. It is an industrial diamond cutting glass tool. The traditional glass cutting machine has a fixed part under the handle. A fixed cutting blade or a rotating cutting blade is mounted on the handle for straight or curved glass cutting.

When cutting longer glass with a glass cutter, first place the ruler on the pre-cut part, and then move the cutting blade along the ruler to complete the cutting operation. For a straight edge, cut at both ends of the edge of the ruler, and measure the cutting length on the glass support section, and then move the two ends of the curved ruler horizontally to cut.

The traditional glass cutting machine is suitable for cutting glass with a short length, but when cutting long glass, because the cutting blade cannot be well guided, it cannot cut straight lines accurately, and it can be freely cut according to the cutting size. Moves the blade and automatically guides it to cut straight lines in the cutting direction.

The advantage of this new type of glass glass cutting machine is that it adopts a movable guide rail structure, which can easily guide the cutting assembly to cut the glass in a straight line. Since the cutting assembly can move freely along the support rod, it can cut the required glass width.

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