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The safety of the glass edge grinding machine operation

by:Enkong     2021-03-05
Before using glass edge grinding machine, we all need to glass edge grinding machine processing, and processing step, is to edge grinding of glass edge grinding machine, we learned about it after use, so we how to operate it? The glass edge grinding machine safety operation procedures and matters needing attention: 1) , before the work wear good shoes, PVC gloves, aprons and disposable masks and other labor protection; 2) Before, in the glass edge grinding of conventional detection equipment; 3) Please confirm before, job processing glass thickness and clamping are consistent; 4) Transfer, glass edge grinding, pay attention to arm the security, risk involved; 5) , keep the plywood conveyor transmission parts of lubrication, gear, skateboarding and rotating parts should be lubricated periodically; 6) , glass edge grinding machine is working, to prevent the water tank is leaking, cause electrical short circuit or personal electric shock accidents such as; 7) To keep the work site neat, safe passage unblocked. Above is the safety of the glass edge grinding machine operation procedures, hope that the above content can help to you!

glass edge grinding machine maintenance system of glass edge grinding machine maintenance system, now the glass edge grinding machine is widely used, is one of the indispensable equipment for the production of glass products, should be paid attention to and for the glass factory make glass edge grinding machine equipment maintenance system. To prevent the glass edge grinding machine equipment operation and improve equipment intact rate, in spite of illness should be based on each glass edge grinding machine equipment in line with the actual conditions of a targeted for day, month and year of equipment maintenance system. Content mainly includes: maintenance, the maintenance time and maintenance staff collocating, relevant personnel responsibility and inspection standards, etc. Further refine the maintenance project and maintenance. Glass edge grinding machine equipment based on the actual operation situation, to maintain project and maintain content or periodically revise and supplement. Like wet weather for spring and summer season, servo dc 600 v power supply are prone to short-circuit phenomenon, and requires each workshop shall, according to the climate change situation to increase dry maintenance for electrical part number.
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