The purchase knowledge of glass machinery of glass washing machine

by:Enkong     2021-03-11

Some glass washing machine factories have a variety of products that require glass machinery, but each glass machinery is not omnipotent, and its processing size is restricted by its own parameters, for example: DW38NC hydraulic glass mechanical processing The large thickness of the glass is 29.1mmX1.8mm (based on A3 material), and the small glass diameter is 11.4mm (the wall thickness varies according to the raw material); the large grinding of the 114 type flat glass mechanical bending is 114.3mm, small grinding is 45.72mm! The price of each type of glass machinery is also different. Besides, if you choose a model that is too large, it will waste resources; if you choose a model that is too small, there will be a sense of 'small horse-drawn cart'. This will affect the service life of the machine!

Secondly, it is necessary to determine the large glass specifications in the scale of the glass to be processed, including: 1. Glass raw materials (plate glass, art glass, laminated glass); 2. Glass section (round glass, square glass, angle iron, etc.); 3. Glass outer diameter; 4. Glass wall thickness; 5. Bend radius (refers to the glass Diameter); 6, tortuous point of view; 7, the number of forming elbows (how many bends are there in a piece of glass? Can there be a space corner?) Responsible manufacturers usually show a 'glass machinery order contact formFilling out that form will basically determine the glass machine model!

So when the small standard glass is twisted, the appearance of a big horse-drawn cart is formed; the new glass machinery uses a combination of double quantitative pumps for oil supply, and the three-stage system pressure can be completed through the pressure regulating unit, and then the work is reduced. The total mechanical power is improved, which is 18% more energy-saving than the original glass machinery. (5) It is safe and reliable, and easy to operate. Because the electrical control system of the old glass machinery is completely composed of relays, there are often false electrical touches and sticky contacts during the switching process.

Again, the next step is to select models based on my procurement needs. Is it a normal flat glass machine or a CNC automatic glass machine? In fact, the way to buy glass machinery is to provide a commonly used large glass piece of bent glass drawings, and give all of it directly to the manufacturer or office, and I only need to wait for the quotation! This is also a common method for many companies to acquire, and it is also one of the ways to save effort. In the development of glass machinery, the power source of glass machinery has been continuously improved and advanced.

In the early hand-bending of glass materials, the primary power source was the labor of a single or multiple operators. The processed products were usually small glass pieces. This processing method produced The power is low, the accuracy is not good, and the glass type is limited. With the development of modern technology and the advancement of the industrial level, some high-performance glass machinery such as cNc CNC glass machinery, three-dimensional hydraulic glass machinery, etc. have been developed and studied. There are usually three primary driving methods for these high-level glass machinery: motor drive , Hydraulic drive, electric motor hydraulic hybrid drive.

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