The practicability of glass cutting machine and cutting efficiency analysis

by:Enkong     2021-05-16
Can provide a two-way cutting of glass cutting machine, cutting position with high precision, it includes cutting platform and parallel in the cutting platform of guide rail, cutting machine, including cutting drive on either side of the platform and cutting head is equipped with cutting guide. Including cutting and cutting rail parallel platform, glass cutting machine cutting machine but also the cutting platform on either side of the drive device, driving device includes the drive shaft and the drive motor, cutting platform is equipped with the horizontal and vertical direction of cutting guide. For the cutting size can according to need to adjust the position of the cutting head more accurately on a cutting guide range scale, each cutting guide with two sliding on the cutting head and cutting head fitted with a cutting knife. Glass cutting machine is characterized by also including the cutting platform on either side of the drive, cutting guide rail longitudinal with sliding cutting head and cutting head is equipped with cutting knife, if you want to know more related content.
the use efficiency of cutter profile
glass cutting machine a few pipe on the outer circumference of the motor, the tank has a pump, connected to the pipe, which, when the motor need to heat, water pump control pipe inside the water cycle, fast heat dissipation, improve the practicability of the cutting machine. Two spray Settings on the output shaft, parts connected to the fixed link, two fixed rod and the connecting pipe connection, spraying department including sleeve, sleeve center equipped with bearing, output shaft through the bearing, gear installed on the bearing. Set in sleeve on the wall of the nozzle, the nozzle of the water is perpendicular to the near the gear tooth surface, nozzle equipped with gear with the fixed block, above the nozzle and the sleeve hinge, hinge has a torsional spring. When the workbench need cleaning, when the water pump control from two sleeve, connecting pipe from the corresponding pipe in the water, gear to rotate, and then moving gear tooth can be fixed block, make the nozzle under the action of torsion spring swing, can clean surface of workbench, reciprocating, improve the practicability of the cutting machine.
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