The powerful advantages of glass four-side edging machine

by:Enkong     2021-04-05
Nowadays, glass is used more and more widely. We can see glass in daily necessities, building materials, etc. Therefore, in the deep processing of glass, continuous development and innovation are required to meet people's needs. With the continuous maturity of technology and the innovation of glass edging machine, CNC glass four-side edging machine was born, which is widely favored by enterprises for its energy-saving, low-carbon, and improved product production efficiency. The CNC glass four-side edging machine is divided into three parts: the entry table, the edging stand, and the exit table. When using CNC glass four-side edging machine, the process is smooth and natural, and the cooperation is close. The edging time is compressed to the maximum extent, and the speed of glass edging is greatly improved. During operation, the width and length of the glass can be automatically detected, and the glass of different specifications can be directly edged, without the need to adjust the opening and closing degree like double-side grinding. The depth of the glass chamfer can be adjusted by calling the existing process parameters; there is no need to adjust the height of the grinding wheel and the angle of the chamfer according to the thickness of the glass. Optional equipment has automatic loading table and automatic unloading table. It can replace manual loading and unloading, fully tap the working potential of glass CNC four-side grinding, so that the equipment can be unattended during operation and has excellent safety. The advantages of the CNC glass four-side edging machine are obvious to all. It not only reduces the cost for the enterprise, but also uses it safely. It is believed that it will be even better in the future development.

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