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The manufacturer tells what to know about the installation of glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-16
The manufacturer tells the content that the glass glass edging machine should understand when installing. The glass edging machine is a kind of high-precision equipment and a product built strictly in accordance with the characteristics of glass. It must have a lot of deeper content and it is worthwhile People know that, first of all, it is the installation process, this is a must-know knowledge for novices, and I hope it will help you. The installation of the glass edging machine needs to ensure that the ground is flat, and all angles of the machine must be level after installation, otherwise the processing effect will be affected. Ensure that the electrical connection is correct, such as the special industrial voltage of 415V/50HZ, 220V/50HZ, 220/60HZ in foreign countries. If the electrical connection is wrong, it may cause the motor on the edging machine or the electrical appliances in the electric cabinet to burn out (factories in some countries do not Leakage protection switch). The glass edging machine works under the condition of water and electricity. Customers should judge whether the water supply of the floor water tank configured in the factory is sufficient according to their own processing capacity. After the glass edging machine is installed correctly, the processing can be started. It is best to strictly follow the instructions and processing procedures to avoid unnecessary production. Secondly, we must ensure timely maintenance, this step is also the only way to extend its service life.

Glass edging machine is one of the important components of glass materials, and it is also necessary equipment for the second transformation of glass like the glass beveling machine. It is also one of the earliest mechanical equipments for glass deep processing. It is mainly used for smoothing glass, making some special shapes of glass, and processing the most ideal state according to people's different needs and glass positioning. It is durable, accurate and efficient. As long as it is used correctly and reasonably, it can not only ensure the normal production, but also extend the life of the machine.

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