The main points of the cutter wheel being used in cutting

by:Enkong     2022-06-10

In order to manually or automatically cut various glass plates, such as glass plates, ceramic plates and liquid crystal plates used in automobiles, construction and industry, the glass glass cutting machine has a cutter wheel rotatably mounted on the top of the head, by cutting It presses against the plate and rolls up to form slits in the surface of the plate.

This type of traditional cutter wheel is a disc-shaped workpiece with a cutting edge on the edge and an elongated circular mounting hole in the middle through which the cutter wheel passes. The circular mounting hole is rotatably mounted on the glass cutting head through a mounting shaft of circular section.

In order to cut liquid crystal panels, hard glass panels and ceramic glass panels, the cutting surface is required to have high straightness and verticality accuracy. In order to meet this requirement, it is necessary to form a flat, straight, deep The slit, to form a deep slit, the cutter wheel should cut deeply into the glass plate.

The cutter wheel is capable of forming deep slits in the item being cut so that the item can be easily broken along the slit, it has mounting holes extending through its axis, and has irregular Shape for vibration when rotating.

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