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The composition system function of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-26

The glass cutting machine and feeding system include guide beams, conveyor belts, support adjustment plates, eccentric shafts, eccentric shaft sleeves, collars, rotors, rollers, and guide grooves. There are conveyor belt grooves on the beam and conveyor belt grooves. The conveyor belt, the groove beam are connected to the eccentric bushing through the support adjustment plate, and the eccentric bushing is installed on the eccentric shaft.

The shaft is installed on both sides of the rotating shaft, eccentric shaft and sleeve of the shaft washer to prevent the eccentric shaft, eccentric sleeve and guide beam, and support the adjustment plate and the eccentric sleeve to form a plane Four-bar linkage mechanism, the cylinder is connected to the output end with a push rod, the push rod is connected to the connecting rod, the oil cylinder drives the push rod, and the rotating shaft of the connecting rod rotates to achieve the level of the conveyor belt.

The glass glass cutting machine needs to automatically load the glass to cut glass. After it needs to be automatically unloaded before cutting, the method used to drive the loading system is: With guide grooves, guide beams, etc., there are two or more plungers at the bottom of the guide beam connection, and the bottom of each plunger cylinder is connected.

When the material needs to be loaded, the cylinder piston rod pops out, and the guide groove beam lifts the conveyor belt guide groove and the conveyor belt through the jacking rod. At this time, the conveyor belt is higher than the glass cutting machine table, and the motor rotates to drive the conveyor belt. The belt slides into the belt guide, and after the glass touches the belt, drag it to the designated position on the table.

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