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The components and functions of horizontal glass edge grinding machine

by:Enkong     2021-04-25
Horizontal glass edge grinding machine is mainly structure and function of its base, support, guide rail, motor and other key support part adopts cast iron casting, natural aging processing and become, after has the exterior level off, smooth, beautiful, deformation, etc, to ensure the precision of the machine after long-term use of consistent; Transmission shifting parts adopt single worm, double worm transmission, evenly continuous variable speed. Speed adjustable range ( 0 - 4 m/min) To meet the needs of the different manufacturer's processing. Clamping parts imported from Italy synchronous belt, the surface adhesion of PU and red glue, not only ensure the clamping force and friction is modest, and solved the clamping transmission problem of poor ultra-thin glass is fragile. Grinding systems use three-phase high-speed motor, the latest technology, especially suitable for long-term large quantities of small and medium-sized piece of glass crafts manufacturers use. Adjustable undertake platform, selection and clamp rod position synchronous operation of synchronous belt to undertake, the maximum to avoid the surface of glass in the process of running smooth. Organic coordination control position and work location, people-oriented, highlights the humanized design. Using the method is simple and clear, grinding accuracy and stable. Whole work process can be monitored through a transparent observation hole, be clear at a glance. Goodall horizontal glass edge grinding machine is a glass deep processing enterprises, especially glass handicrafts manufacturers the ideal choice.
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