The automatic glass cutting machine how to meet the requirements of the user

by:Enkong     2021-01-07
For the human who USES this automatic glass cutting machine, they know how to choose and buy high quality fully automatic glass cutting machine. For newcomers, when choosing automatic glass cutting machine, the first thing to pay attention to the accuracy of automatic glass cutting machine, speed and maintenance, and undertake choosing according to their own needs. 1. Choice: according to the enterprise actual cutting layout, select the most appropriate one, mainly depending on cutting glass, namely on the basis of considering the layout. Don't wear a little big shoes, because this involves the normal wear and tear and unnecessary capital investment. 2. Cutting accuracy: according to your actual requirements, not only can see the product specifications and manufacturers, also mainly on technical studies, such as: knife wheel control, gear and rack level operation, reasonable design, control system, and so on the actual cutting measure can fully grasp the synchronization control level and control system of cutting machine. 3. Cutting speed, cutting speed can only be satisfied under the premise of discussing the cutting precision due to the human eye is difficult to determine whether to reach the highest speed, so you can use the cutting machine servo drive with software simulation functions to detect whether the motor speed to achieve the highest speed. 4. Simple maintenance: mechanical sensor inputs and outputs should not be too much, unnecessary switch and indicator should be as little as possible, because once the mechanical equipment failure, the use of the cutting machine will be affected. The less parts, the design is more simple, the failure probability is lower, the less wiring, the easier it is to find fault and replacement parts. Also preferred to debug screen state of input and output signals. Maintenance costs are buying equipment must be a priority for an important factor. 5. Automatic layout optimization function: due to the particularity of their work, very few people with higher education or with higher education are assigned work, therefore cutting machine for simple operation, easy to understand, security and stability. The simple maintenance to avoid the embarrassment of expensive equipment. Optimization is applicable to their own actual situation, not the pursuit of the best ratio of 100%, which could lead to reduce, not rest, reduce work efficiency, and it cannot be fully optimized in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. China's original flat glass will not result in a cutting knife phenomenon, and different cutting graphics library also more flexible. Can be a computer aided design and other graphics software file into the repository.
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