The automatic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-01-06
Its working principle is the basic principle of the automatic glass cutting machine, it will be cut glass by the conveyor belt to the workbench, the glass position the positioning of the first machine, cut with a diamond knife wheel head by program control to move along the X axis and Y, respectively, for cutting substrates. Machine control part adopts CNC motion control card, driving part of the application of advanced ac servo motor. Equipment of institutions: fully automatic cutting machine consists of chassis mechanism, beams, glass processing desktop, mechanism of the cutting tools, transmission mechanism, mechanical positioning mechanism, electrical control system. Detailed working steps with PLC automatic control or manual control in the whole process can be completed, mainly in the equipment adjustment and maintenance manual ways, each action can be done separately, also can be used for normal work. Slices are given signal, Manual, automatic) , flip, the system work, motor driver make up chuck arm at mechanical reversing mechanism, and achieve the same Angle flip stop and glass, before moving motor making suckers, top detection switch when in contact with the glass near the suction cups, forward motor stops. When vacuum system, work began to adsorption glass sucker, when the vacuum pressure switch to set pressure, adjustable according to the thickness of the glass vacuum pump stops, sucker adjustable linkage by motor driven lift up the glass, in this location about stopping for a few seconds later, make sure that single piece of glass suction, motor driven mechanical turnover mechanism transmission glass inversion to mesa, telescopic rod system landed the suction cup and glass at the same time, the rapid release chuck compressed air blowing glass, transmission mechanism on machine start to send glass to the front to stop point signals. Then the whole frame of mobile automatically find zero after stop, wait for cutting machine signal, can with cutting machine speed glass cutting to the stage, glass is sent out automatically after work cycle on a piece of program, this machine is used according to the required thickness of the glass arbitrarily selected location into slices.
Over the years, has become very popular as more and more people are trying it out.
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