The 8 major areas of current civilian cleaning of glass edging machines

by:Enkong     2021-05-03
1. School, unit collective canteen cleaning: public utensils. Kitchenware cleaning: cleaning during food processing, etc. 2. Special cleaning in hospitals: surgical instruments. Disinfection and cleaning of hospital supplies such as nursing tools; cleaning of supplies in inpatient wards. 3. Professional laundry cleaning: professional laundry chains, such as Beijing's time-honored 'Plant4. Personal cleaning services: personal cleaning services such as sauna, hair washing, face washing, tooth washing, and foot washing. 5. Civil cleaning equipment: glass edging machine. Dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, electric toothbrush, etc. High-tech equipment such as automatic bathing machines and household cleaning robots have also appeared abroad. 6. Household washing products: shampoo, conditioner, body wash for personal washing. Toothpaste; soap for laundry, washing powder, liquid detergent: tableware. Fruit and vegetable detergent; bathroom bathtub. Special cleaning agent for toilet, special cleaning agent for floor and carpet; glass cleaning agent; tile cleaning agent, etc. 7. Home cleaning services: various door-to-door cleaning services provided for families, such as new house wasteland cleaning; wall painting cleaning; kitchen, range hood cleaning; bathroom cleaning; floor, carpet cleaning; sofa, table and chair furniture cleaning; refrigerator, air conditioning. Drinking fountain. TV. Household appliances such as stereos, microwave ovens, etc. are cleaned. 8. Hotel, hotel, catering service industry cleaning: such as daily cleaning of hotel rooms; bed sheets. Quilt. pillowcase. Tea set and other room supplies cleaning; restaurant tableware. Kitchenware cleaning; vegetables. Washing of food raw materials, etc.

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