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Technology and function of the knife wheel

by:Enkong     2021-01-12
Usually, in cutting such as glass substrate ( Also known as the 'substrate' below) Brittle material in the process of the base board, the following methods are often referred to as: the cutting wheel pressure in the substrate surface to form a line, then crossed from the back make wire bending force, based on the unit base board cutting substrates, the small make up take you to understand the technology and function of knife wheel. In brittle materials for a substrate processing line cutter, whose character is: the knife dish with a v-shaped blade, the v-shaped blade by two along a diameter of 1 to 4 mm circumferential surface of the circular plate for the intersection of inclined plane is formed, and is equipped with installation with the bearing hole in the middle. There is a smooth form ridge on the edge of the knife dish ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'standard knife dish') , and is scheduled to pitch on ridge edge wheel groove ( Cut) The blade ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'slot knife wheel') , in the latter slotted knife plate, groove of the pitch is usually formed for 20 to 200 microns, and along the groove of the length of the edge direction to groove depth of 1. 5 ~ 2. Five times the ratio of formation. Crossed by a plastic deformation area S 8 and a vertical fracture, the area is base on the surface of a milling cutter wheel bite in the plastic deformation directly generate, and along the thickness direction of the substrate W penetrate, vertical cracks in the upper desired depth.
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