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Reduce several common wastes in glass machinery enterprises

by:Enkong     2021-04-19
For glass machinery enterprises to continuously improve the TPM equipment management system, not only the glass machinery equipment management has been strengthened, but also the production management and on-site management have not been continuously improved. At the same time, several common wastes in the enterprise have been eliminated or reduced. 1. To produce too much waste. Because there is no detailed plan beforehand, the semi-finished and final products produced are squeezed, resulting in stacking, unloading, repeated handling, and the use of raw materials for the next batch of products in advance The next batch of production materials is insufficient. As a result, time wasted, interest burden, increased warehouse occupancy and warehouse management costs increased. 2. The waste of waiting time and unreasonable production arrangements result in a waste of time due to the fact that in the operation of the production line, the operators of the subsequent procedures can only stand and wait for the arrival of processed products in the previous procedures. 3. The waste of transportation and the unreasonable placement position will cause the transportation distance to be too long. Therefore, the items are temporarily stacked somewhere and then transferred, resulting in the waste of repeated transportation. 4. Waste of manpower, resulting in unusable defective products, but also worrying about return, resulting in a waste of manpower. 5. The waste of processing itself, the use of unqualified processing tools, the use of incomplete equipment or poor raw materials makes the production process unable to proceed smoothly, resulting in a waste of time and materials. 6. Excessive waste of inventory. Excessive inventory will increase the warehouse area and rent. It will also require the purchase of new forklifts and the increase of transport personnel and bookkeeping personnel, resulting in waste of workload. 7. The waste of action (repetition), it seems that the operator is very busy, in fact, there are many unnecessary actions (movements), resulting in a waste of time and physical strength. 8. The waste of making defective products, the inspection itself does not produce good products, and the goal is to ensure good products by reducing inspection items.  

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