Reasons for glass edger tripping and the advantages of vertical edger

by:Enkong     2022-07-16

During the operation of the glass edging machine, the motor is always hot and causes tripping. Glass machinery consumers have encountered this situation. So how is this phenomenon caused? Our glass machinery factory makes a rough estimate and makes the following two Suggestions for repairs: .

First, smell the motor first. Is there a big burnt smell? If so, it can be basically concluded that the trip is caused by the short circuit of the motor of the glass edging machine. This phenomenon does not occur in the glass glass edging machine. It is not uncommon, please remove the motor for inspection and maintenance, or replace it with a new one.

Second, if the motor problem is ruled out, then there is a very likely reason that the transmission device of the glass edging machine is not smooth, which will cause the motor load to increase, generate heat and eventually lead to tripping. For this phenomenon, the glass should be thoroughly inspected. The transmission device of the edging machine, the glass edging machine finds out the problem. If it is only due to dust and other reasons, then clean it up and put some lubricating oil on it. If the transmission device is damaged, it must be repaired or replaced. .

The product can be processed into the shape specified by the customer, and the glass edging machine greatly improves the requirements of people's quality of life. Edge grinding is the most core process in the processing process. The glass edge grinder will have fine edging steps. Next, the glass edge grinder will talk about the advantages of the vertical glass edge grinder.

The basic processing and use of glass glass edging machine should start from the advantages of vertical glass glass edging machine.

Vertical glass edging is an important process in the production process, which can eliminate the original micro-cracks and defects such as the concentration of force on the edge of the glass glass, improve the tempering yield, and avoid damage to operators and equipment. The equipment, the vertical glass edger has a small footprint, simple adjustment, automatic identification of the length and width of the glass, and the following will introduce the use of the vertical glass edger: .

1. Vertical equipment is for development space, so it occupies a small area.

2. From the point of view of material mechanics, the object of the plate has high strength, so the glass breakage rate is low during the processing.

3. Batch processing, easy to operate, easy to link with the production line.

4. Mainly in the case of small area, mechanical stepless speed regulation is adopted, the adjustment range is large, the speed is variable, and the feed speed can be changed during the grinding process.

5. The vertical glass grinding plate can process glass with larger functions (in fact, all vertical equipment has a larger workpiece capacity than the corresponding horizontal equipment, which is the inherent advantage of vertical equipment).

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