Profiled cutter for cutting the industry leader

by:Enkong     2021-05-21
Special-shaped cutter refers to the material according to the non linear cutting or contain abnormity, combination shape cutting equipment, laser cutting machine and vibration cutting machine is intelligent abnormity cutting equipment, adopt computer control, can be in arbitrary planar shape. Special-shaped cutter can cut below 50 mm thickness of non-metallic materials, including carpet, foam, sponge, KT board, clothing, sofa, floor MATS and other materials, computer design version, has automatic layout, automatic error compensation system, the cutting principle is: computer graphics, to transmit data to the machine control card, sends a pulse signal to the servo drive control before and after the machine up and down or so, to achieve machine movement, and send a signal to cutting tools, for cutting raw materials. Special-shaped cutter relative to the cutting machine with multi-axis control system, namely cutting machine only z axis movement up and down, achieve the goal of cutting, and special-shaped cutter can x axis and y axis z axis movement at the same time, can be cut on the material out of round, square, oval shape, with replaceable head can achieve cutting, punching, grooving and chamfering process. Profile cutting machine adopts imported servo motor, best cutting speed up to 2000 mm/s, pulse position, cutting accuracy + 0. 01mm。 For advertising abnormity cutting, special-shaped cutter edge cutting system can also have intelligence, can identify the border cutting material pictures.
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