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Practical functions and related structures of glass cutting machines

by:Enkong     2022-05-30

The glass glass cutting machine includes a grasping device, the feeding end of the grasping device is provided with a cutting platform, the cutting platform is provided with a cutter, and the cutting platform is provided with a feeding device. The unloading end of the machine is provided with a driving device and an operating table, the grabbing device is completed by an air suction cup, and the feeding device driven by the driving device is arranged on the cutting table.

The automatic feeding and feeding are completed by mechanical devices, with a high degree of automation, saving working time and improving work efficiency, the upper conversion wheel is in contact with the conveyor belt, and the position of the upper conversion wheel is determined by the roller Control, simple structure, high control precision.

In the process of glass production and processing, glass cutting is to cut and reprocess the glass blank. The larger peelings are cut into the required shape and size. On the workbench, tools are used for cutting, which has a low degree of automation and low work efficiency.

The grabbing device includes a bearing shaft set on the frame, a roller set on the bearing shaft, a suction cup shaft set on the frame, a pneumatic suction cup set on the suction cup shaft, the suction cup shaft and the The rotating shaft is fixedly connected, the rotating shaft is connected with the rotating motor, and the rotating shaft and the rotating motor are connected and installed on the lifting seat.

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