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Part of the automatic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-02-06
Generally the automatic glass cutting machine made by cutting table, cutting bridge and attached to the machine control box of three some. Was sent by bracket, desktop, cutting table, belt and transmission equipment, air cushion, etc. This bracket is used to support the desktop, it consists of type steel column, steel beam, etc. Desktop made from laminated plates, there are 3 - Ship 6 longitudinal ranked in the top, outside with the performance of the desktop are paved with felt. Desktop has many holes, holes are connected to the air cushion bellows, carrying on appearance usually slightly below the blanket surface. Transporting glass, pass by to lift equipment to raise its, their appearance is slightly higher than the surface of carpets, transport belt transmission equipment and lifting devices are installed in the bottom desktop, air cushion devices composed of bellows, duct, fan, etc. Fan cut glass, initiative, open duct damper, using a fan blowing into the bellows, bellows inside the hole overflow atmosphere from the surface of the table and the formation of air cushion, glass lifts, the position of the glass so that the mediation and prevent glass scratch appearance, blocked duct damper when cutting glass, glass on the table. Automatic glass cutting bridge cutting machine, cutting bridge is higher in cutting table empty metal bridge layout, it supports on the cutting table of longitudinal lateral metal rail. Its you the guide device with cutting start and cutting knife wheel, glass cutter wheel of raw material is tungsten carbide, it is installed on an axis, the shaft installed in the cylinder piston rod end, shaft and cylinder are equipment for cutting the beginning. Attached to the machine control box, attached to the machine control box is the ark of the manipulation of rendezvous equipment automatic control. Manipulation, only need to pass by the keyboard will cut glass, dimension, shape, such as the number of data input object machine, glass cutting machine cutting end manipulation can be in accordance with the attached to the machine instructions.
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