Laser cutting machine machine tool which is better?

by:Enkong     2021-05-19
Now we is no stranger to cutting machine, all kinds of cutting machine is convenient to our life, you know, laser cutting machine machine tool that is better? Below, small make up of machinery co. , LTD. To tell you. Machine tool is to determine the cutting precision and stability of the laser cutting machine, the important factors, therefore, of the machine tool manufacturing process in the assembly of the laser cutting machine occupies very important position. It is well known that laser cutting machine machine stability affect the performance of the whole process is very big, so will adopt steel structure to the whole lathe bed casting, and annealing processing. What call annealing process: the so-called annealing process is to heat the steel to a high temperature and holding the temperature for a period of time, and then make it slowly cooling, this is called annealing. And steel annealing is to heat the steel to occur or part of the phase change temperature, and slow cooling after heat preservation of a heat treatment method. The cause of the annealing treatment of laser cutting machine bed: the purpose of annealing is to eliminate defects, improve the organization make composition uniformity and fine grains, increase mechanical properties of the steel, reduce residual stress; At the same time can reduce the hardness, plasticity and toughness of machine tool, to improve machinability. So before annealing in order to eliminate and improve both the legacy of tissue defects and internal stress, and to prepare for subsequent working procedure. Take the necessary heat treatment processing is on the physical properties of the laser cutting machine machine tool itself, can effectively avoid defects because the structure of the machine tool itself, is an important means of extending the service life of the equipment, so the laser cutting machine tool is indispensable to the annealing process. The above is the small make up of the machinery co. , LTD. Relevant information about cutting machine, if you have a better understanding of how on cutting machine. If you have need can contact us. Want to know details may refer to our company's website.
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