Laser cutting machine have any harm to human body?

by:Enkong     2021-01-18
Everyone must have know something about the glass cutting machine, and share with you the previous small make up a lot of information about glass cutting machine, for you know how much do laser cutting machine, and the following, machinery co. , LTD. Small make up to share with you some information of laser cutting machine. Laser cutting machine have any harm to human body? In general there is no harm to the body, but to say there is absolutely no harm is impossible, now use a mobile phone and was in danger of radiation, so do any work may have occurred, isn't it? Laser cutting machine to work than the plasma cutting and flame cutting many environmental protection. Plasma cutting machine cutting from time to tome a lot of dust, smoke and strong light, the request must have a matching dust removal device. Produced by the laser cutting machine for cutting the little dust, light is not very strong, noise is small, more environmental protection. Laser cutting machine have any harm to human body? Just contact, of course, the general laser cutting machine operator or the customer, all like staring at cutting head, if long time cutting sparks, is hurt for eyes, tingling. General some laser cutting machine manufacturer can match the corresponding of eye protection glasses. Laser cutting machine intelligence is very high, can be unmanned operation, don't have to stare at cutting head, but remind you note: 1, laser is not visible light, laser beam is invisible to the naked eye, if the maintenance when open the machine cover, it is important to note. Don't accidentally touched the light path. It's no fun to meet. 2, laser cutting machine, focusing mirror harmful elements ( ZnSe) , don't always keep in touch with the lens, the scrap of the lens to handle, don't throw. 3, don't know what all processing of materials, if it is carbon steel or stainless steel. If a large number of aluminum alloy, cutting dust is suspended in the air, after inhaling harmful to human body. And cutting aluminum reflective, when cutting head to a protective device, otherwise easy to fail. In laser cutting machine of the harm to human body, can't say no, but it's much better than the flame cutting machine and plasma cutting machine, as long as the work pay attention to the defensive, basic can be ignored. The above is the small make up glass cutting machine manufacturers machinery co. , LTD. Share with all relevant information about the cutting machine, hope everyone through this article to learn.
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