How to improve the production efficiency of glass cutting machine on the basis of the original?

by:Enkong     2021-01-04
Cut the glass cutting and plasma cutting machine in our country industrial enterprise began to a large number of popular, glass cutting machine manufacturing factory also from used for 8 ~ 10, development to the present 60 ~ 80, glass cutting machine of machine tool design and manufacturing level also gradually mature and stable. But in glass cutting machine hardware structure and manufacturing level of the same or similar cases, due to lack of CNC cutting software technology, make domestic and imported brands of glass cutting machine in the process of using common cutting production efficiency is low, steel and material waste serious problems, embodied in the following aspects: 1. CNC system unstable: user when buying nc cutter selected numerical control system, due to the high configuration, devotion to the civilian computer ignores the stability of the numerical control system used in industry. Selects high frequency CPU and big hard disk is big power, high calorific value, especially in summer, the numerical control system internal heat overheating, lead to the numerical control system and cutting machine can not work normally. In addition, the high frequency CPU must be equipped with a fan, and fan is easy to wear and tear, limited service life, easy to cause the CPU and motherboard damage. Hard disk vibration damage to track and easy infection, can cause nc system is not stable, results in the stagnation of cutting production. 2. Didn't use the nesting software: when buying glass cutting machine didn't buy nesting software, CAD software is used for drawing and parts library, or call the nc system of DXF graphics for manual programming on nc system nesting, local cutting, make the most of the time in waiting for the glass cutting machine programming in the idle state, greatly reduces the production efficiency of glass cutting machine, at the same time because the local cutting produced a large number of residual steel, leading to serious waste of steel. 3. Cannot achieve automatic cutting: CNC system without automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database, cutting workers can only rely on experience and eye observation, by way of manual control perforated process, cutting speed and deceleration corner, can't do automatic perforation and automatic cutting, glass cutting machine production efficiency cannot effectively play. 4. Sheet cutting and hot cutting deformation: every parts is preheated perforation and cutting them one by one, don't use the total edge, borrow edge, bridge and other high efficient cutting way, not only prone to thermal cutting deformation, and the flame preheated perforation time-consuming consumes the material, the cutting efficiency is low, plasma cutting nozzle loss waste is serious. 5. Cutting quality problem: such as parts cut point burnt leave scar, parts burnt, the corner cutting surface tilt, too much cutting of circular parts with round or not closed, cutting large size parts, a serious error to cut cutting quality of the serious problems such as deformation is not closed. The above information is some professional terms, there are some deficiencies in practice, everything is given priority to with practice.
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