How to improve the cutting efficiency of ceramic cutting machine?

by:Enkong     2021-04-22

The main equipment for ceramic cutting processing is a hand-push ceramic cutting machine and an automatic CNC ceramic cutting machine. The manual ceramic cutting machine is flexible and convenient, but the manual cutting quality is poor, the size error is large, the material waste is large, and the subsequent processing workload is large. At the same time, the working conditions are bad and the production efficiency is low. Compared with the manual cutting method, the CNC ceramic cutting machine can effectively improve the efficiency and cutting quality of ceramic tile cutting, and reduce the labor intensity of the operator. The production efficiency of a CNC ceramic cutting machine is 4 times that of a hand-push ceramic cutting machine, saving Manpower and time costs, it can be seen that the effective effect of common cutting tools is the CNC ceramic cutting machine, but the cutting efficiency of the CNC ceramic cutting machine also has skills. Many ceramic tile processing factories try their best to improve the processing efficiency of the ceramic cutting machine. It is necessary to know that there are many factors that affect the processing efficiency of ceramic cutting machines, and many details need to be mastered to effectively improve the processing efficiency of ceramic cutting machines. The methods to improve the efficiency of ceramic cutting machines are introduced below:

1. In the process of learning and operating the CNC ceramic glass cutting machine, the operator needs to strengthen the performance of the machine in the normal work process through daily production Proficiency in learning and skills. At work, you should substitute work for practice, and strengthen the learning of all aspects of the machine in your spare time, so that you can solve small problems in the machine, and you can know where the problem is and help solve the problem when there is a big problem.

2. The matching of cutting blades is very important. Note that there are large and small cutting blades. Cutting tiles with different hardness requires different cutting blades. Many people think that the cutting blade can cut any ceramic tile. It is theoretically possible. However, due to the different hardness of the tiles, the cutting blade needs to be hardened. It is also different, so we choose a reasonable cutting blade.

3. In the case of batches of ordinary polished tiles, the current can be appropriately increased to increase the motor speed. The hardness of the polished tiles is small, so the motor speed can be increased to improve the processing efficiency. Pre-cut tiles of reasonable size, such as 6 cm, 8 cm, etc., so that when you encounter different sizes that need to be processed, you can directly adjust them according to the pre-cut tiles, which can avoid spending a lot of time to adjust the size .

4. In order to improve the processing efficiency, a belt with a large friction surface can increase its inertia, so that the tiles can better adhere to the belt, so that it can be pushed more smoothly and more conveniently.

5. When the ceramic glass cutting machine is processed, it is necessary to continuously add water. Continuous addition of water also has a great impact on the processing efficiency. Continuous addition of water can better heat dissipation to ensure the operation of the motor.

6. What kind of material is cut and how thick is the material? How big is the material format? Material and thickness largely determine the appropriate power of the device. And according to these factors to choose the appropriate ceramic cutting machine.

7. Slow cutting caused by instability of the CNC system. Due to the heating of the CPU and hard disk of the CNC system, the system is unstable and cannot work full-time; or the fan is worn, the hard disk is vibrated or infected with viruses, resulting in production stagnation, or the cutting control software of the CNC system is defective or malfunctioning Or cutting errors will also delay the cutting production and affect the cutting quality and other issues.

8. Not using nesting software leads to low material utilization. The nesting software is not used, but the parts are called or read in on the CNC system for manual programming and partial cutting, which is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of materials. Therefore, installing nesting software saves time and materials. If you can use the optimized nesting programming software, you can not only save the source materials for the enterprise every year, but also effectively improve the production efficiency and economic benefits of the enterprise.

9. The cutting method is inappropriate. In the cutting setting, the cutting method used is too simple. Each part needs to be perforated and cut completely. There is no high-efficiency cutting method such as co-edge, borrowing, and bridging, resulting in low cutting efficiency and serious waste of cutting consumables.

10. There is no automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database on the CNC system. Cutting workers can only rely on experience and eye observation to manually operate the CNC cutting machine, and cannot achieve automatic perforation and automatic cutting. The production efficiency of the cutting machine is naturally very low.

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