How to grind the special-shaped glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2021-04-14

There are many kinds of products that have been continuously developed. Now there are more different products with more different time to use, and now more different products have There are more functions, and if there are a variety of different products, more different problems can be solved. The probability that the special-shaped glass edging machine is now used is also increasing. Now a variety of different mechanical products have more different functions are reflected. For more information about the special-shaped glass edging machine, please read on.

The edging of glass is mainly to make the glass have a destructive effect. The abrasive penetrates into the surface cracks, promotes their expansion, and washes the glass chips intertwined between the cracks, thereby accelerating the glass grinding process. When grinding, a large amount of glass is usually first grind off with a coarse abrasive, followed by a fine abrasive, until a very shallow uneven layer and crack layer are left on the surface. The grinding used is generally made of cast iron and other materials, and the disc surface has grooves to facilitate the uniform distribution of the abrasives coming in from the center and the removal of glass chips.

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