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How to do the daily maintenance of the glass edging machine belt?

by:Enkong     2021-03-15

1. Regularly check whether the belt tension meets the specified requirements; if the belt still does not meet the requirements after many adjustments, it is recommended to replace the belt with a new one! One thing to note is: when replacing, all belts working on the same pulley should be replaced at the same time. This is mainly to prevent the belts on the same pulley from being new and old, different in length, and causing load on the belt. Uneven distribution, uneven transmission or vibration, etc., thereby reducing the working efficiency of the belt drive. 2. When using the belt, the operating temperature should not exceed 60℃, and don't just apply belt grease. If you find that the surface of the belt teeth is glowing, it means that the belt has slipped. At this time, it is recommended to remove the dirt on the belt surface first, and then apply an appropriate amount of belt wax. It should be noted that when cleaning the belt, warm water should be used for cleaning, not cold or hot water for cleaning.

3. The belt belt of the glass edging machine should be kept well when it is not used for a long time, and stored in a place where the temperature is low, there is no direct sunlight, no oil and corrosive fumes, to prevent the belt from deteriorating after a long storage time. phenomenon.

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