How to distinguish the quality of glass?

by:Enkong     2021-03-12

The quality of glass affects the service life of the glass edging machine. In some processing, the quality of the glass is not selected. It must be dealt with by the customer. The quality of the glass is not easy for users to distinguish between the quality and the bad. Now we Begin to investigate the quality of the glass from the details and improve the quality selection. The appearance quality of the glass sheet is mainly to check the flatness, observe whether there are quality defects such as bubbles, inclusions, scratches, lines and fog spots. The glass with such defects will be deformed during use and reduce the transparency of the glass. , Mechanical strength and thermal stability of glass are not suitable for engineering. Since glass is a transparent object, through visual inspection during selection, the quality can basically be distinguished. The inspection of glass processing products should not only be tested according to the requirements of flat glass, but also should be tested for its processing quality, whether the specifications and dimensions, processing accuracy and pattern definition meet the requirements, and the edges are not allowed to be incomplete. The quality of glass products with very different quality is of course easy to distinguish, but the difficulty lies in products with little difference in grade.
The development of the glass industry promotes the technological progress of my country's glass machinery industry

As the Chinese glass market enters the 21st century, as high-quality and high-end float glass original sheets and functional requirements for glass safety, energy saving, environmental protection, fire protection, decoration, etc. increase, the processed glass market is heating up. Coupled with the construction of venues for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the market demand for processed glass has risen rapidly, which has greatly stimulated the development and demand for China's glass processing machinery market. Relevant experts predict that from 2004 to 2010, as China's processed glass market is heating up, the demand for China's processed glass machinery market has shown a steady increase. In recent years, my country's flat glass industry has seen a gratifying situation of new lines, more technological transformation projects, and accelerated pace of transition. This has greatly stimulated the demand for my country's glass machinery market. Some glass machinery companies have made significant progress in the introduction of foreign float glass cold-end technology and a series of key research and development projects arranged by the state. The level of process design has been rapidly improved, and the processing and testing methods of glass machinery product manufacturers have been improved. Good transformation and improvement have effectively promoted the technological progress of my country's glass machinery industry. At present, my country has successfully developed and applied various scales of float glass machinery equipment, such as 300t/d, 400t/d, 500t/d, 600t/d, 650t/d, 700t/d, 800t/d, etc. Large-scale Chinese Luoyang craft float glass production equipment line, and a batch of Chinese-made float glass production equipment lines are exported to developing countries in batches.

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