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How to choose the shaped glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-01-27
In automated shaped glass cutting machine, for example, when the choose and buy should pay attention to the following: 1. Type: according to the actual situation of the enterprise itself the cutting section, select the most suitable for their own, which is given priority to with what cut glass, namely to consider the basis of the layout, don't big feet shoes, because involves the equipment of normal wear and waste money. 2. Cutting accuracy: choose according to their actual requirements, this can't see the introduction of product manuals and light manufacturer that mainly on the technology of probe, such as: knife wheel control, the adaptation of the gear and rack, design reasonable, the level of the control system, and then measured in the actual cutting. So as to fully grasp the mechanical part and control system of synchronous cutting control level. 3. Cutting speed: on the premise of meet the cutting precision to talk about speed, eyes because it is difficult to determine whether the highest speed, so can use cutting machine servo drive with the software simulation function to check whether the speed of the motor can reach the highest. 4. Automatic layout optimization function: because of the particularity of their work, the general level of little arrangement of highly educated or people go to work, so requires cutting machine operation is simple, and easy to understand, security and stability. Simple maintenance, avoid to cause afford devices couldn't afford the embarrassing situation. Optimization to apply to their own actual situation, not the pursuit of optimal rate of 100%, can lead to cut can't break, work efficiency drops, also can't completely according to the manufacturer specifications optimization, for domestic original plate glass does not lead to cutter knife phenomenon, and different cutting graphics library and more flexible, CAD and Solidworks software graphics file can be imported into the gallery. 5. Simple maintenance convenient: input and output don't equipped with too much, and mechanical sensors on the unnecessary switch and lamp less as far as possible, because once a device on the machine is out of order will affect the use of cutting machine. The less parts, the design is simple, failure probability is low, less wiring, also easy to find fault and replace parts. And it is best to each input and output signal of debugging on the display screen, maintenance is a must be a top priority when buying equipment is an important factor. 6. Save energy: when also can finish the cutting requirements, select save energy consumption of cutting opportunities brought many benefits to the enterprise: a, along with the social development, energy shortage, the price will be rising, consumption can save part of the daily production cost; Second, the consumption can protect the environment, save energy. 7. Good design coordination. All mechanical parts, electrical parts, etc of each component have been closely calculated, combinational coordination are reasonable and reliable, and avoid the problem of impact of a series of production coordination. 8. Use simple easy to operate. The simple tools (cutting machine is cutting task The same with the printer function) , multi-function control button will only bring trouble and mistake workshop workers. A key to our cutting machine is now easy to operation, the operation of the table with only three buttons on it. 9. Save energy consumption. When also can finish the cutting requirements, select the low energy consumption of the device will bring many benefits to the enterprise: 1, along with the social development, energy shortage, the price will continue to rise, consumption can save a part of the daily production cost; 2, consumption can protect the environment and save energy. Increase in the country's important task to the energy saving and emission reduction. 10. The noise reduction. This is the part of enterprises can not be ignored, along with the social development staff also constantly improve to the requirement of working environment, good working environment not only can let the employees to be in a good mood and avoid the damage of the body. We pay great attention to this link from the start of the research and development design, so our equipment in the link performance is also very perfect.
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