How to choose the glass automatic special cutting machine?

by:Enkong     2021-05-22
Cutting accuracy: class general requirements for the construction industry in the plus or minus 0. 5 mm below the line; But for auto mirror in plus or minus 0 class requirements. 01 mm below. Now various machinery manufacturers can provide cutting accuracy is generally in the plus or minus 0. Under 2 mm, but it can't light the product manual, should have a complete when the acceptance test cutting precision of the program, to measure the actual cutting precision of products, we usually have a dozen test sample surface. Through the test we may grasp the cutting platform flatness and the control system of synchronous control level. Late CNC cutting industry development in our country, more than a dozen domestic CNC cutting machine manufacturer, fully automatic cutting machine alien market demand in 350 - about a year 400 units, basically meet the demand of domestic market, the import product is less than 10% of the total market. At present domestic CNC cutting machine manufacturer mainly include Shanghai issa cutting machinery co. , LTD. , messer cutting welding co. , LTD. ( Kunshan) , they got the foreign technology on technical support, so the products are in a leading position in domestic. Universal nc equipment co. , LTD. , Harbin and Harbin welding cutting equipment co. , LTD. , Harbin electric co. , LTD. Machinery and electronics equipment factory, China state shipbuilding technology research institute, shenzhen head office chang isle of CNC cutting equipment, wuxi hualian welding equipment factory and other enterprises, the company is taking advantage of their enterprise itself also quickly in technology development, products to meet the needs of different users. Cutting industry product development in our country broke the traditional boundaries between welding and cutting, the products have been jumper welding, cutting two big industries, there are a lot of enterprises at the same time production of welding and cutting equipment. Cutting machine industry, there is no order market competition and performance in degeneration, interacting with each other, each other and poaching each other; R&d, less or no investment; With foreign products on the mechanical and control level difference is not big, but the foreign through the understanding of the control system, the only stay in application level; Automatic special cutting machine without cooperation between enterprises, cannot unite to open up the market, such as concentrated on accessories procurement enterprises will reduce the cost.
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