How the glass cutting machine works

by:Enkong     2022-06-04

In the whole process of glass manufacturing, it can be said that glass cutting is a very important process. Today, this operation uses manual feeding and cutting efficiency is low. At the same time, since glass of different sizes needs to be cut, fixing it on the positioning block of the glass cutting machine cannot meet the needs. Workers often rely on experience and judgment, and it is easy to produce cutting errors, glass damage and waste of resources. Next, the editor will take you to understand the operation of the glass glass cutting machine.

This type of equipment includes a shell on the workbench, the workbench is slidably sleeved on the shell, the workbench is provided with a magnet sheet, and the cutting device is provided with a water pipe . The glass cutting machine also includes a drive sliding table drive, a drive rack and pinion and a gear sleeve. On the shell, fastened to the shelf of the workbench.

There is a rotating shaft on the gear, and the rotating shaft extends out of the casing and is connected with the rotating handle. There are sliding grooves on the shell and guide rails on the worktable. The chute cooperates with the guide rail, which helps to improve the stability of the sliding table.

The worktable adopts a matching cutting disc groove, so that the bottom of the blade enters the worktable groove, which effectively realizes the cutting of glass. There is a magnet on the workbench. The magnet block and table are fixed by magnetic force. The position of the magnetic block can be adjusted and positioned according to the size of different glass cutting machines, and the operation is simple.

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