How is the compound film formation glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-03-28
Compound film is glass cutting machine, compound film is our life need to master relevant information, so it is worthy of our attention, glass cutting machine manufacturers want to development in the market only combined with advanced technology, to innovate new products, high-quality goods, full of vitality. Integration, network, digitalization and virtualization. Has good energy saving effect and optical performance. Vacuum magnetron sputtering ( 周围性血管疾病) Also known as offline method, can realize complex membrane is Low The mass production of E glass, been Low in recent years The mainstream of E glass production process. Compared with the traditional glass of hot reflex plated film, Low E glass coating layer is thinner, more especially for double silver/three Low in recent years The promotion of E glass, some products need to deposit up to 20 multilayer film of different material, it's about the quality of the each layer of thin film uniformity and very stringent requirements are put forward. If you can't very good control the quality of the single layer film and uniformity, so the color of the multilayer film after accumulation, light transmittance and optical inhomogeneity is very obvious. Therefore for the existing PVD coating process, improve the quality and uniformity of coating is a very critical issue. Process gas cloth gas uniformity as film uniformity of one of the main means of control, process gas cloth gas uniformity is very important. We adopt the following two kinds of methods to ensure the uniformity of process gas distribution along the glass plate width direction: tracheal road is divided into head and auxiliary pipe, head is controlled by three mass flowmeter respectively gas supplies glass cutting machine, and auxiliary pipe according to the cathode width is divided into 3 ~ 7 sections, each by a single mass flowmeter gas flow control process. Compound film formation process of glass cutting machine is worth considering, so this is worthy of our learning related things, determine the type of compound film glass cutting machine, we are about to suit the remedy to the case, glass cutting machine processed in a timely manner, to prevent pollution of the spread, causing widespread lesions.
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