How is the automatic double-sided glass cutting machine used?

by:Enkong     2022-06-13

As we all know, cutting glass is generally cut with a glass knife with a diamond blade. This cutting method is only suitable for cutting one piece of glass, but cannot be used for two or more pieces of laminated glass. To introduce how the automatic double-sided glass glass cutting machine is used.

There is an automatic cutting mechanism on both sides of the worktable of the glass cutting machine. The glass positioning mechanism is a door-shaped structure, the top is a horizontal beam, the two sides are vertical beams, and the middle of the beam is There is a horizontal narrow glass entrance, and a rubber pad is arranged in the glass entrance, and the pad is clamped.

The surface of the lower worktable directly opposite the glass entrance is also provided with a glass positioning slit, and the glass positioning slit is parallel to the glass entrance. The cutting mechanism includes a pair of mobile cutting machines. side.

The cutting machine includes a base, and a position sensor is installed on the base. The two position sensors send signals to each other to determine whether the position and height of the cutting machine are the same. There is also a control mechanism on the side of the worktable to control the glass cutting machine position and speed.

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