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Fully automatic glass cutting machine processing technology and operation

by:Enkong     2020-12-29
Glass cutting machine is a kind of special used for glass processing and feed processing machinery, the glass cutting machine including end-to-end arrangement of pneumatic send table and build interoperable cutting machine. New type of automatic glass cutting machine ontology, including cutting machine cutting machine body including cutting device, lifting device, positioning mechanism, transmission device and the controller, positioning include digital imaging device, digital processing device, positioning device and back plate. Cutting device set on the back plate, conveying device with digital imaging device, digital imaging device connected to the Settings in this body positioning device, positioning device is equipped with digital processing device, positioning device connected to the controller, the cutting device set on the top of the fuselage. Conveying equipment including shaft, shaft before and after the conveyor belt, driven belting leather and motor, in between the shaft and the shaft winding conveyor belt, one end of the driving wheel on the drive wheels connected to the motor, lifting device including set blocks, slider, slides and electric cylinder.
system control principle of automatic glass cutting machine
system control principle of automatic glass cutting machine at present, the international general glass cutting control principle is to work in the plane, using three axis control cutting head movement. XY to mobile to confirm the machine walking direction, control of rotating blades in the C direction Angle of rotation, the use of air pressure and spring under the control of the knife. Tools for alloy knife wheel, cutting out the scratches on the glass, because the glass is brittle material, a knife is used to open the glass. Anhui silver sharp glass machinery co. , LTD. , in the development and production of series of intelligent automatic glass cutting machine, using the algorithm of Europe, Europe and the United States advanced multi-axis digital motion controller, digital ac servo system, high precision linear slide rail, gear and rack, etc. , programming and control software design and development on its own. The equipment is powerful, stable and reliable running, convenient operation, high cutting precision, high efficiency
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